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Yesterday’s media event for the Tower Topping at Santa’s Merry Marketplace was a ho-ho-whole lot of fun!

To begin with, the weather was just perfect and the trees were awakening.

Water tower

TV crews, newspaper reporters, radio personalities, and the HoliDrone were on hand to watch the topping of the six-story tower at Santa’s Merry Marketplace.

Want to see more? Cameron from Eyewitness News later tweeted this great time-lapse:


What next?

After the “topping,” we took a construction tour throughout Santa’s Merry Marketplace (remember, we’re a month away from Opening Day):

Fabric on Ceiling | Santa's Merry Marketplace tour

Lauren and Matt led the tour, pointing out locations for Candy Cane Confectionary, Polar Expresso, and Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe.

Matt and Lauren with TV reporter

They also described the food-court area, where we’ll serve the following menus:

  • Asian Cuisine
  • Pizza & Pasta
  • Kids Favorites
  • American Grill
  • Deli Sandwiches

… and then strolled over to our three new Party Rooms, for groups of 15 and more to have catered events.

Then on to the Mother’s Nursing Room, two family restrooms, and our themed …

Green and white tiling in restrooms

… restrooms!

The tiling work is underway. And the bathrooms are quite roomy – with double the, er, seating capacity as we had last year.

Back outside, the tour ended across the plaza in St. Nick’s, where our Foods crew had spread out samples of a dozen or so of the new menu items for this season.

The reporters were a bit shy at first:

WBKR's Chad eating enthusiastically
WBKR’s Chad Benefield enthusiastically samples the vegetarian version of General Tso’s Chicken … er, Cauliflower

This gluten-free choice was particularly popular.

Empty plate

Cameron from Eyewitness News explains why in the video below. (I came across the video on his Facebook page; this is used with his permission.)

The tasting concluded with two of our new Festive Flurries:

Festive Flurries

Want to check out all the menus? We will offer 110 new items, with half in Santa’s Merry Marketplace alone.

With just four weeks until Opening Day, here’s your reminder that the best discounts for Season Passes disappear once we open for the season. This much food could take all summer!
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