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A visit 20 years in the making

Do you remember what you wanted for Christmas a few months ago? (I’m here in Santa Claus, Indiana, and I sure don’t!)

How about 20 years ago?

This brother and sister, now grown, crossed a visit to Holiday World off their Santa-inspired bucket list after 20 years of dreaming.

The brother blogged about their story – and it’s too charming not to share!

Santa will be back in town in just a few weeks, getting ready for Opening Day. (He’s still got a nice place up at the North Pole, you know.) We can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees Santa’s Merry Marketplace! Visits with Santa will take place in St. Nick’s Gift Shop, and Santa’s Storytime Theater will continue to be the place to be for Christmas stories and jolly songs.
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