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Lip synch

Learned something new today: The top two layers of track on our wooden coasters are collectively referred to as The Lip.

As a result, the term Lip Service takes on a whole new meaning around here.

Why? Because the top two layers – the lip – is where the artistry takes place.

Retracking a wooden coaster is not simply a matter of measure, cut, hammer. It takes skilled carpentry work.

It takes an artistic eye

Josh Cutting the Lip
Here’s Josh, cutting the top two layers – the lip – of new track for The Voyage

The late Will Koch (who designed The Voyage with The Gravity Group) used to say there should be theater in a roller coaster. It should tell a story and provide drama.

On stage, you need lighting, sound, staging.

For a wooden roller coaster, you need incredible designers and a crew of highly skilled technicians.

Let’s take an even closer look:

Cutting the "lip" for Voyage's retracking

Once our crew cuts the wood for the lip, they secure it in place.

The next step is a layer of steel.

Attaching Steel, Drilling the IPE wood
Justin and Eddie add the steel to the track

Let’s back up a week or so, so we can show you some of the earlier layers going in (remember, it takes eight layers of wood on our coaster tracks).

This next photo shows a fantastic achievement

Where are we? Inside the Voyage tunnel that’s underneath the pedestrian bridge into the Thanksgiving section of Holiday World.

This spot is where the track of The Voyage became a circuit again. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, if you will, that the 720 feet of track replacement is making tremendous progress.

Voyage track is a full circuit again
The circuit is complete!

Our crew is sure to offset each layer from the previous one.

Remember, not all the track is flat. The Voyage has some extreme banking, including three stretches of 90-degree banked turns.

Coaster Techs Lining Up new layers of track
From left, Eddie, Kyle, Justin, and Josh

That ain’t no game of peekaboo – the coaster techs are checking their work. Thanks to them, your Voyage ride will be smoother this season.

Coaster Techs Checking the new layers of track

And who’s on this crew? Here they are, a combination of Holiday World’s team plus a handful of local contractors.

Voyage Retrack Crew
Front row, from left: Tyler, Darryl, Kyle, Eddie, Justin, Jacob and Josh; back row: Cody, Paul, Steven, Dale, Chris, David, and Justin

Following tradition, the crew members each received a hard-hat sticker to commemorate their role in our Relentless Return Retracked project.

Hard-hat stickers for Voyage work

The Voyage – and the rest of Holiday World – will open for the season on May 4 – that’s just 50 days away.

Can’t wait that long? Take this 360-ride:

We hope you’ll join us in person this season to ride this amazing work of art!

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