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A 360 construction update of Santa’s Merry Marketplace

Santa’s Merry Marketplace opens May 4 (if you’re a Platinum Season Passholder, you get to explore on May 3).

We won’t refer to our construction crews as elves, but suffice it to say:

    Santa would be proud

Here’s a 360 construction update for you to take a look around:

The big wide spot (above) is the seating area. Looking forward is the serving area for the five stations, serving Pizza & Pasta, American Grill, Asian Cuisine, Kids Favorites, and Deli Sandwiches.

Here’s the Tiny Planet view:

Tiny Planet view of Santa's Merry Marketplace construction

Cool, huh?

And what’s the opposite of a Tiny Planet view?

Rabbit Hole, of course!

Rabbit Hole view of Santa's Merry Marketplace construction

Okay, that was just showing off.

Here’s a 360 view of the under-construction Party Rooms in Santa’s Merry Marketplace:

We’ll have three reservable Party Rooms for Groups of 15 and more.

Here are a few other rooms that will be sure to please many:

Those are Family Restroom on either side. And in the middle, a Mother’s Nursing Room.

We’ll have standard restrooms as well. Double the (ahem!) seating capacity of what was available in Kringle’s Kafe.

Here’s the last 360 for now:

Candy Cane Confectionary and Polar Expresso to the right, with the Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe to the left.

We’ll be back with another 360 construction update soon – the countdown clock to Opening Day is ticking!

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