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It’s Love Your Pet Day

Sam, Holidog, Kitty, and GeorgeWe have some very recognizable and lovable faces here at Holiday World. No, I’m not just talking about our staff – I’m talking about our mascots!

Safari Sam, Holidog, Kitty Claws, and George the Eagle pose for a lot of pictures every day.

But our mascots aren’t the only important animals in the lives of our staff.

To celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, we want to share pictures of our pets and tell you why we love them.

On to the pictures!

First up is Amanda from Entertainment and her dog, Bama. She has a big personality and loves her toy Santa. Bama even likes Amanda enough to take selfies and use Snapchat filters during playtime!

Amanda and Bama
Bama and Amanda

Angie from Sales shared a photo of her cat, Sally Whiskers. Sal Gal is 14 years old and loves Angie, bacon, and broccoli! Angie has to eat quickly when she doesn’t want to share her bacon and is very happy that Sally chose her to be “her person.”

Angie and Sally Whiskers | National Love Your Pet Day 2019
Sally Whiskers and Angie

Anthony from Maintenance has two pets to share! First up is Haven. She’s a chihuahua but nobody told her that. She thinks she’s a miniature golden retriever. She loves going for car rides and snuggling up for naps.

Anthony with Haven
Haven getting ready for a ride and napping with Anthony

Up next is Sprinkles. Anthony and his wife, Kristi, found her abandoned when she was a few weeks old. She loves helping clean out the cars.

Kristi with Sprinkles
Sprinkles helping clean the cars and being bottle fed by Kristi

Ashley from Marketing shared a photo of Pax. He met Holidog! He’s 11 years old; Ashley loves that he gives hugs.

Ashley and Pax | National Love Your Pet Day 2019
Ashley and Pax

Barbie sent along a photo of her granddaughter, Sadie, posing with her sheepadoodle, Ollie. Barbie thinks that they’re both adorable!

Sadie and Ollie

Cathy with Park Services wanted to make sure we included Willow. She loves playing tug of war with Cathy’s favorite pair of socks! Cathy loves how Willow’s face and ears are outlined in white fur.

Cathy's dog Willow
Willow relaxing and posing for the camera

Next, DeeAnn from Accounting sent this photo of her “third child,” Sampson. She says he’s 150 pounds of unconditional love.

DeeAnn's dog Sampson

Painter Joe with his black lab, Moose, who is 143 pounds and doesn’t really care for exercise.

Joe and Moose
Joe and Moose

Here’s me with my little one, Luna. I love when she brings me her favorite toy when I get home from work. She enjoys playing tag with her sisters when we visit family.

Luna and Josh
Luna and Josh

Lori from Attractions sent in this photo with her cat, Elsa. She says Elsa is spirited, unpredictable, fiercely independent, and a bit clumsy. (Some say she’s the cat version of Lori.)

Elsa and Lori
Elsa and Lori

Up next is Lori with Cooper. You may have seen Lori at Holiday World Services. She loves that Cooper is soft, cute, sweet, and cuddly. He’s extremely playful and tug of war is his favorite game.

Lori and Cooper
Lori and Cooper

Last on our list is Vanessa from Retail with Tator and Taz. She says they’re always ready for an adventure!

Tator, Vanessa, and Taz


Thanks for celebrating Love Your Pet Day with us!

If your pet enjoys travelling, they’ll want to relax at the Holidog Inn on your next visit. We have indoor and outdoor kennels available for rental. We’ve hosted all types of visitors, even a pot belly pig!

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