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The Eagles have sanded

Every decade or so, our Eagles Flight ride gets a serious makeover.

Those birds get plucked.

Sanded down, actually.

Sanded-down eagles

You know, like those high-priced treatments at a fancy spa.

Here’s Joe in the Paint Shop, assuring the eagles that he’s a professional. He knows what he’s doing.

He won’t wing it

Joe moving sanded eagles

Let’s start with a sunny yellow base coat for these two birds.

Our Eagles Flight ride is starting to look better already!

Eagles with a Yellow Base Coat

Next, some fire-engine red.

Adding red paint to Eagles

A bunch of fussy detail work comes next and then a layer of clear coat.

Clear coat for Eagles

Now the shiny birds just hang out and dry.

Eagles Flight bird

Pleased with all the pampering?

That relaxed smile says it all.

Eagles Flight face

Eagles Flight is a classic Flying Scooter ride. It made by the Bisch-Rocco Amusement Company of Chicago. We added the ride in 1976, back in our Santa Claus Land days.

We hope you’ll bring your little eaglets to try out our Eagles Flight ride this season!