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Top of the … mushroom?

It’s not close enough to Saint Patrick’s Day for us to be greeting each other with Top of the mornin’! just yet …

… so “Top of the mushroom” definitely needs an explanation.

This, as you probably know, is our Revolution ride.


It’s a classic Round Up ride.

That piece in the center is called the mushroom.

Revolution's mushroom

Just because it’s a classic ride doesn’t mean we won’t make an update or two.

Such as a new lighting package.

… with LED lights.

Revolution mushroom

That’s the top of the mushroom, with its new lights. And below, we see Clint and Trenton working on them, all aglow.

Clint and Trenton working on Revolution's new LED lights

You may recognize their temporary workspace – that’s the queue area in Gobbler Getaway.

Want to see a snippet of the new lights in action?

Take a look:

We can’t wait to see what Revolution looks like this summer when we’re open after dark!
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