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Safe to say: “He won!”

What do we do during the seemingly endless off-season?

Well, we:

  • Build things
  • Hire our seasonal team
  • Catch up on all the things we don’t get accomplished during the season
  • And … take lots of off-season training

Much of our off-season training involves keeping up to date on safety. That’s safety for our Guests and safety for our staff.

Lori and Adam have been at International Ride Training school this week. Lori’s our Attractions Director and she very proudly texted me a few minutes ago that our new hire, Adam, just won their Best Student Award:

Adam named Best Student

Adam may be a “new hire” on our full-time team (he’s one of our Attractions Managers), but he’s a familiar face around here. He’s worked at Holiday World seasonally since 2012.

Adam was one of close to 100 students in training this week, from 26 parks in the U.S. and Canada. (And yes, I asked: there was only one Best Student Award.)

Lori kept busy this week, too. She’s in the front row, second from right, in this faculty photo.

iROC training team

You might recognize Eric, to the left of the podium. He was Lori’s predecessor here, as head of Attractions.

We talked at length about this great training course on our podcast a year ago.

Would you like to listen?

Congratulations to Adam, and to all the students who learned a lot this week and will make their parks even safer as a result.
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