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Snow kidding?

Tell me the truth – if someone texted you this photo on a winter’s eve, would you know it showed the early stage of designing a snow globe?

Clay model for snow globe

Yeah, me neither.

But I did get an overwhelming desire to go heat up the waffle iron.

The text came from VP Matt (not to be confused with Park President Matt), who was excited to explain what he’d been up to.

Thing is, though, he sent four photos before any words, so there were several moments of confusion on my part.

Usually, VP Matt’s photo texts are simple to understand.

This, for example

Character shirt for 2019

That’s a new “character” shirt for this season.

But this?

Skyline Snow Globe clay model

It looks like a diet-busting combination of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and brown sugar. Right? And waffles.

Here’s what VP Matt says it is:

It’s a clay mold for our new skyline snow globe. This will eventually be in full color. Features Thunderbird, Voyage, Mammoth, Wildebeest … and our iconic yellow water tower.

Can’t wait to see them on display in our shops this season!

(I’ve put in a request for an edible version, but am not holding my breath.)

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